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    No escaping GoT spoilers 😱

    So Iv just started S1 of game of thrones after ignoring it for so long now I'm hooked I'm struggling to find a way to avoid spoilers haha how do you all avoid spoilers
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    Comment by 'Knight of madness' in article 'Disney could be entering the gaming industry'

    Don't Disney already have a foot in the gaming world with kingdom hearts and the infinite series
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    Parent Vs gaming

    Iv always wondered if you are a parent how do you mange to game and be a parent. I have 2 kids which menasno gaming till there bed but it also means I don't get long to play
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    I own a very very small assasins creed only server with role playing and discussions
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    Ubisoft kindness or cheap tricks

    There all good points it is a big or move as the reviews gave been reversed bombrc on Steam
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    Ubisoft kindness or cheap tricks

    A few days ago we heard the tragic news notra dame cathedral had caught fire and would need a lot of repairs, out of kindness Ubisoft gave a large amount of money to help renovations but also handed unity out for free on pc, and to me they may not get any money (except from micro transactions)...
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    Ever had the same game over several platforms?

    Assassin creed 2 Brotherhood and Revalations plus Skyrim have been with me on Xbox 360 PS3 now ps4b
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    Digital isn't the way forward

    I totally agree I think they should keep it disc for now till the world catches up with internet plus steel books and collecter editions will always been needed
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    Digital isn't the way forward

    I can understand a more profitable way around it but if others internet means a 100gb game for example takes 3 days to download then they would be out of gaming
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    Digital isn't the way forward

    I see lots and lots of talks about consoles going digital but isn't this a bad idea, the main reasons I think this are; 1) a lot of regiends don't have good internet so a download will be longer then a update 2) when psn goes down for example your locked out of your digital games were disc you...
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    Manager/Strategy Games

    Iv always loved a good strategy game loved playing real time strategies like command and conquer but can never find a decent one on PS4
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    A millionaire wants to host a real life battle royale

    Am I the only one who thinks this is like Mr burns when he trys to hunt people in the tree house if horrors lol 😂
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    No Man's Sky - worth picking it up?

    It's a good game and very unique I do enjoy it sometimes but solo play can feel isolating at times as there is no fast travel so you could be flying for 5 minits
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    For me and before you ask no I'm not old lol it's tea all the way