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    What are some of the signs that something is just not right with your gaming?

    This is an absolute truth. If the games get in the way of taking care of the important responsibilities that you have to give attention, then it's indeed a very bad sign.
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    Have you sold any of your games?

    I haven't tried it yet but it looks like it's a good idea just like you have mentioned that it's a good making money strategy when it comes to gaming. So, I'm most likely going to be copying it.
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    What new games are we looking forward to this 2019?

    This way you can be rest assured that you will never feel any disappointment with the games that you have been long waiting for which never comes out. It's one good way to setting up one's mentality. I love it.
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    Have you thought about being a Game Developer?

    I have actually tried learning coding using some online course and video from YouTube but I'm not making any good progress on it, so I had to drop it and enjoy the ones made by the professionals in the field. We can't do all things, so skip the ones that you can't.
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    Educational games

    In as much as other games such as adventure, action and combat games are good for the kids, educational games are more useful both mentally and emotionally for the kids development in both knowledge and character. The most important games should be introduced to them first and the other ones...
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    Game recommendation for a beginner.

    We are all different individuals with different kind of game taste. So, I would like to ask what's your game genre preferences in order to have an idea of exactly what you would most likely be interested in playing.
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    Who has played Momo and did you find it terrifying?!

    Well, maybe I'm the only one who appreciates the beauty of horror aesthetics. It kind of attracts my attention very quickly more than any other genre.
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    Have you ever cried playing a game?

    Seriously, I have far more serious things to do than to cry over a gaming animation. For what reason should I subject myself into crying as a result of playing video games? It sounds very wired to my ears. I wonder if such thing happens.
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    Have you sold any of your games?

    I did this on more than one occasion during my college years in the school. I had to rent out my Playstation 1 several times for a few bucks especially to some good friends of mine.
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    Have you thought about being a Game Developer?

    I have definitely thought about this but was very quick to quash it because I'm very sure of it that I lack the ability to or expertise to excel in such field. There are area I'm very good at but being a game developer isn't among such skills.
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    Have you ever taken part in any video game championship?

    Counter Strike tournaments are awesome. It's among the best gaming tournaments ever created so far.
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    Can anyone recommend a good gaming chair please?

    Personally, I could careless about the kind of chair I'm seating in when playing any games because I can seat on just about anything and still play my games completely comfortably.
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    Mouse speed

    When the mouse speed is set up too much at the extreme, controlling the pointer seems to be very difficult, which is why I always set mine at default or a little bit higher above default in order to help it move fast a bit.
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    Game time

    Exactly. This uncontrolled act of gaming is what leads to addiction which in turn causes a lot of harm to the gamer in quote. At the beginning, it may seem harmless but on the long run, it's very inimical to one's health.
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    Time spent

    Truly, it's very important to get one's priorities set straight. Gaming is good but unless you are playing as a professional and earning money - a decent amount of money from it, then your work or business should come first before gaming leisure.