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    Computer games, animation and board games.

    What board games did you play after playing computer games or after spending some time with them? Or what kind of board games did you play related to animation, for example, I watched a series of Cyanide and Happiness videos, then I played a board game Joking Hazard. .
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    Best gaming chair

    A good choice of chair, I want a new one, but mine has not yet been broken to buy a new one. I want a game table more, I really need it, it’s not convenient when the system unit is under your feet and you can hurt it by accident.
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    How do you decide about the next game to play?

    My choice falls after watching the demo version of the game or trailer :)
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    Welcome - introduce yourself!

    I love computers and board games! In the evenings I finish the game in Control, but I still have a large list of what I need to go through. I am glad to find like-minded people here and those with whom I can share my ideas.