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    Private or Communal gaming

    Private gaming. I prefer to be alone. I tend to get distracted so easily when there are other people around or when people are looking at what I am doing. Haven't tried communal gaming though but I know that my concentration will be affected if there are other people beside me when playing.
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    If you could make your own game, what would it be like ?

    Mine would include zombies. I love zombie movies so I would love for a game that would incorporate that. Has there been one? Let me know so I could check on it.
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    Video Games and Violence is linked?

    Only to people who can not separate their gaming world and real world. But I feel like that's only a small percentage compared to those who knows that playing a video game is just a form of recreation.
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    Do you prefer to play video games alone or in groups?

    I prefer playing a game by myself. I tend to be a little temperamental so I'd rather not get into a fight with a friend. :LOL::LOL::LOL: Also, I find it fulfilling to finish a stage all by myself without any help from others. But, of course, there are some games that is better played with...
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    What's Your Favorite Boardgame?

    Love Monopoly and Scrabble when I was younger. I really enjoy playing these two games with my classmates in grade school. It brings out the competitive sides in each of us. And, I know it isn't a board game but we also play Uno cards back then. I remember we were so loud one of the teachers got...
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    I agree with you. It's just a matter of knowing your priorities. If your main goal is to be successful in life then you wouldn't let anything get in the way to achieve it. But, of course, there are moments we need to blow off some steam and wants to relax. That's where our hobbies get in.
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    I think I would classify myself as someone who could easily engage with other people on social events. But,that doesn't mean that we're friends already. I may know quite a number of people but I would only consider a handful of them as my friends. But, recently, since I'm always at home, I only...
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    Educational games

    I love educational games. I want something that will make me think hard and flex my brain muscles. I am also really competitive so I try to avoid getting clues or hints (if they are available) when playing these games. It pisses me off when I can't help but use that feature when I'm stuck on a...
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    Detective Pikachu

    Oh! When I first heard that they'll do a Pokemon movie, I thought it'll be an animated film. I didn't realize it'll be like this. I mean, I like Ryan Reynolds but Pikachu is really charming. I feel like his voice didn't really give me that. Not that Ryan isn't charming. I guess there's something...
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    What are some of the signs that something is just not right with your gaming?

    I think one of the tell tale signs that you are slowly getting addicted to gaming is when your sleeping habits has changed. Most likely, you'll be up at the wee hours of the night and for some, they only have a few hours of sleep. Not eating on time is also something most gamers do which may...
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    Downloading YouTube Videos

    I rarely download YouTube videos only when I really, really like a video and I know I would watch it over and over again. Though I am familiar with YouTube to MP4. I think it also has an option for you to download MP3s.
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    Then and now

    I loved it that I live in a generation that enjoyed the best of both worlds. When I was younger, I look forward to playing in the streets with my friends. Running and laughing and biking and all the other things we used to do back then. But, I also was able to enjoy GameBoy, Family Computer...
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    We need to be careful

    I agree with the comments above. We should know how to determine what's real and what's not or what is appropriate and what is not. We take full control of our lives and so, we have to consider all the possible consequences of an action before doing it.
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    Gaming has affected your health?

    Definitely! I do have poor vision. I think it has something to do with me always playing my gameboy back in the day. Then, I had a Virtual Boy. Not only it affected my vision but my posture too! Anyone familiar with Virtual Boy by Nintendo? I had to endure a lot of back pain just to play a game...
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    Gaming contests

    I was pretty surprised that there's actually competitions for a certain game and that there are tournaments which cater to different people around the world. I remember I thought cosplay has a small group here in our country but it's actually a huge one. Same with gaming contests. There are...