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    Do You Guys Think Mobile Privacy Matters ? Here are our thoughts.

    Yes ! It matters a lot and there are various things to consider -: 1. Data Security 2. Social security 3. Bank Security 4. Digital payments This are things which has to be take in consider and not to provide any loopholes or vulnerabilities get to be exploit by public.
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    Regarding JOYFREAK Community !

    Guys, I wanted to ask a question to all of you and I need all your support and views on my question what I want to ask Ah ! Its a little weird one why we are here in this community and what's the goal here and how we'll push ourselves and get a better understanding about games ? I've been...
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    I'm in a huge dilema between two gaming laptops

    I don't have a high end specs laptop its a medium one but the performance is good what I wanted to say that If u install your games on SSD storage u can't believe the performance it will give. As there are many factors it depends upon.
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    What game are you playing right now?

    It's not addictive but theme of the story and realistic facial expression and the movement of mouth while they speak and that makes call of duty very special. If you go back and see from call of duty 2 and the most important guns and storyline.
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    I'm in a huge dilema between two gaming laptops

    I think ram has a effect but not so because I've already experience if you have 4 Ghz and at least 4Gb VRAM GTX OR RTX it will perform better but in terms of ram it will slightly increase the performance. Nova
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    What are the best Batman games that are playable on PC?

    Well I don't like playing batman games but one of my friend change my mind and from that day I'd completed all the series of batman and right know I'm playing Batman Arkham knight. You should start with Arkham Asylum as Nova said....then go on and complete all the series .....
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    Best ps4 games to play

    Well I recommend you some games that you must play and experience the amazing graphics with Storyline Uncharted God of War Kill zone Beyond good and evil Yakuza
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    Your favorite Car Racing game?

    Need For Speed Payback !
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    What Assassins Creed game is best suited to me?

    Well you can try with Assassins creed revelation after completing this game u must go for syndicate and origins. Just Start with revelation and I can assure you won't regret it.
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    who is excited for cyber punk 2077?

    After Cyberpunk I'm waiting for Death Stranding, Watch dogs Legion and the one of the most important and my favourite game Call of duty Modern Warfare 2019 !
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    latest gaming technology 2019

    But what about Nvidia Shield, Ryzen 5 Processors and Nvdia Thunderbolt .......Even then Google will also start its own cloud gaming.
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    What game are you playing right now?

    Already completed in regular mode but playing again in hard mode to capture joker moments ! ~ 🎮 Batman Arkham Knight
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    Test Your Knowledge Of The Call Of Duty 4 -Modern Warfare

    I'm a huge fan of call of duty games and I'd completed this game from World at War to Call of duty WWII. So most of the questions were quite good and I was able to answered most of them but I've to take a few attempts to pass all that questions and not so sure how much I scored but at least I...
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    Announcement !

    How Many of You Are Excited for 25th October 2019 ?
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    I'm in a huge dilema between two gaming laptops

    Go for RTX, It has the best gaming performance !