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TERA's Ninja Class to Arrive on Consoles Tomorrow Along with a Leveling Event
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Starting tomorrow, PlayStation 4 and XBox One players can take on the game using the new Ninja class. All console players will be gifted an additional character slot as long as they log in before October 8th. In addition, a new leveling event will kick off tomorrow and last through October 8th as well. As the character levels, Ninja Boxes will be awarded starting at level 10 and every 10 levels after.

During the Shuriken Letter Event, players will receive the letter "N" as a special item. Completing Vanguard Requests for the next week will reward Ninja Launch Letter Boxes which, when opened, can contain the letters in the word SHURIKEN. Once all the letters are collected, players use that special "N" item to create the E-Line Coupe mount.

Lastly, a number of titles and achievements specifically tailored to the Ninja will be available, so head to the TERA site to check them out and how to...
Sea of Thieves Devs Delay Forsaken Shores by a Week
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The Sea of Thieves site has been updated with a brief note to let players know that the Forsaken Shores content update is being delayed from September 19th to September 27th. The move was made after "Pioneers" provided feedback that helped devs understand that the content needed work. "Our priority is to deliver a stable, polished and bug-free experience and we feel that the extra week of development will enable us to do that."

Forsaken Shores opens up a new, previously unreachable region of the Sea of Thieves: The Devil's Roar. Navigating this treacherous land brings with it new threats, new challenges and new adventures. Superheated water, burning rocks raining down from volcanoes and exploding geysers are just some of the new environmental elements that will change the way pirates traverse land and sea. Are you prepared?
Read the full note on the Sea of Thieves site.
Rest Easy, Middle-earthers, Lord of the Rings Online Isn't Going Anywhere
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One Redditor is sharing the happy news with the Lord of the Rings Online Reddit family (and we with you in turn!) that the game isn't going anywhere despite the new MMO currently in the works at Athlon Studios. User Nemarus wrote to Middle-earth Enterprises to express his concern about the new game and the impact it might have on LOTRO, potentially even seeing it closed. However, M-eE wrote back with the cheery news "LOTRO & Athlon will co-exist within the Middle-earth universe".

Great to hear you’re excited about the upcoming MMO by Athlon Studios. We share in your excitement! We also share your appreciation for LOTRO. The expanse of Turbine’s interpretation of Middle-earth, with regard to the lore and the actual geography, is incredibly immersive and satisfying. (I recently dived back into LOTRO...
Heroes of the Storm Getting an Awesome Looking Fall of King's Crest Event
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We already knew that the Heroes of the Storm team was working to revamp the Garden of Terror map, the "home" of the Nexus character "Lady of Thorns". The team has now announced a new event called Fall of King's Crest that features the Lady of Thorns as she fights off the Raven Lord and his "sinister generals", characters that will have specially themed skins included in the event as well.
  • Whitemane - Witch of the Hollow
  • Maiev - The Spider Warden
  • Zarya - The Phantom Knight
  • Alexstrasza - Aspect of Undeath
During the Fall of King's Crest event, players will be able to earn new mounts, pets, portraits and more as they participate in the provided quests.
The event kicks off on September 24th. The third comic in the ongoing HotS series will also be released soon.
Learn more on the Heroes of the Storm site.

Elder Scrolls Online Devs Detail New ESO Plus Membership Perks Coming in November
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The Elder Scrolls Online site has been updated with a look at new perks coming for ESO Plus members starting in November. Plus members can look forward to more crowns, free collectibles and more.
Here's what's coming to Plus Membership starting November 13th:
  • 150 more Crowns bringing the total to 1650 / month
  • Exclusive free items: from time to time, Plus Members will be treated to free collectibles from the Crown Store. The first will be the Priestess of Mara costume, though it will be available at a slightly later date.
  • Exclusive Crown Store Deals: from time to time items will feature a "special, discounted price" for Plus members
  • Exclusive Crown Store Items: some will become available for Crowns and occasionally for free. These can include "costumes, pets, mounts, and more".
Check out the full details on the Elder Scrolls Online site.
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Noob Adventures in Destiny 2: Forsaken Part 2
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I spent a good amount of time playing more Destiny 2, playing through the story thinking I would get bored at some point and probably just jump straight into the Forsaken content. I was wrong.

While I am currently at level 38, I’m still working on the Warmind content, even though the minimum level to start Forsaken is at 30. This is partially because I’m having a blast playing through all the story content, and partially because I’m getting absolutely punished in some areas going in with a lower than recommended power level. I had read some previously that Forsaken has a bit of a steep power jump, so I’ve continued doing side activities to level up and get better gear, so I have an easier time running through missions. This has led to me being over-leveled for everything since a bit before the end of the base game, though that doesn’t mean much when you are using old equipment. I had picked up a ‘Graviton Lance’ from a...
Destiny 2: Forsaken Players Conquer The Last Wish to Unlock New Content
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Destiny 2 players have defeated the first Forsaken raid, The Last Wish. Because of their accomplishment, a new Dreaming City-themed Strike and Gambit map are now available for all players who own the Forsaken expansion.

Clan Redeem beat The Last Wish in about 19 hours after it opened, the longest it's taken any Destiny 2 raid to be defeated. The defeat sent out a game-wide notification that has players wondering at its ominous tone: "A team of Guardians entered the heart of the Dreaming City and slew Riven of a Thousand Voices. They had no way of knowing that was exactly what Riven wanted..."

Each of the Guardians on Clan Redeem will be awarded a real world championship belt similar to those awarded to boxers on winning a world championship.

Source: IGN
Chaos Descending is the Next EverQuest II Expansion
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The EverQuest II team has announced the fifteenth expansion to the game, Chaos Descending. In it, players will be invited to "delve deeper into the Elemental Planes" where they'll encounter "some familiar and some not-so-familiar faces" as they work through " the Earthen Badlands, the Kingdom of Wind, through the Unresting Waters, the Burning Lands and the Great Library". Chaos Descending is anticipated to arrive in November.
The pre-expansion event has already kicked off. Against the Elements features Norrath under siege from Elementals. The event runs from now through the launch of Chaos Descending in November.
Other components of the newsletter:
  • EQ2 is 50% off through October 1st
  • Days of Summer continues, so be sure to look for Yun Zi to get started
  • Gear Up & Level Up events will kick off on September 24th to get players prepped for Chaos Descending
Check it all out...
Immortal: Unchained - Dark Souls Without the Soul
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Dark Souls created waves when it first released for being unrelenting in its difficulty and guidance of players experiences. Hard games had become increasingly difficult to come by and it opened up a door for developers to create unforgiving AI and really test players skill levels. In the wake of Dark Souls we got titles like Lords of the Fallen and Nioh – both great games in their own right. They took the Dark Souls formula and made it work for them. All this brings me to Immortal: Unchained. A game that on paper should be everything I’d want: Dark Souls difficulty? Check. Guns? Check. Fantastic graphics? Check. But it was missing one thing for me that would have really brought everything home: a soul.

I do want to start off by talking about something that the developers knocked out of the park – aesthetics and graphics execution. The environments you’ll explore in Immortal: Unchained are simply stunning and I don’t want to take away...
New World Going Old School with Weekly Screenshot Releases - Check Out the Zone Diversity
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Over the last week or so, Amazon has been sending out screenshots to show off the breadth of diversity that players will find in the zones and locations in New World. These include snowy fortresses, bucolic forest streams, hazy mountain vistas and more. According to the New World Twitter, each Saturday will see more screenshots released each Saturday across its social media accounts.

As a reminder, New World is now accepting applications for closed alpha testing opportunities. Sign up for Alpha testing on the New World site. (click "Email me" to be registered)

Join a Company and work together to claim territories, build thriving settlements, fight off player bandits, and push back the dark and wild forces that occupy the land to leave your mark on history. Adventure...
Lost Ark Will Launch on November 7th in South Korea
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Smilegate recently held an event to announce the release of the South Korean open beta for Lost Ark. The game will be available to Korean players beginning on November 7th. Smilegate has been working on Lost Ark for seven years, spending nearly $90M USD on the Unreal 3-based title.

Developers also revealed other information including how post-launch content will be released. The plan is to provide updates in three different categories:

Seasons are large updates that feature more back-end and bug fixing work and that lay the groundwork for future updates.
Episodes feature game content in the form of additional story components released in quests, new zones and events.
Middle Updates add group-related content such as world bosses, dungeons, raids as well as addressing class balance issues.
Developers said that many of the changes being prepared for the November open beta launch came directly from player feedback during closed beta testing.

According to...
Bust Out the Candles! ArcheAge Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary
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Man, it’s really anniversary season when it comes to MMOs. The latest in the parade of games that are one year older is ArcheAge, which has hit the four-year mark.

Of course, there are celebratory activities for the game’s players — including a Water Gun Festival and a taffy event. (Okay, those just sound fun.) The Water Gun Festival is PvP without all the death. It’s a 3v3 battle that will reward players up to three times a day. It’s set to run until the 26th, so if you get in there enough, you should make bank.

The Treasure Taffy Event lets players acquire Tiny Treasure Taffy up to three times a day — until it ends on October 10.
There are other events as well, and the obligatory sales. More information on all of these can be found on the...
A.V.A: Dog Tag Closed Beta Goes Live
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Developer Red Duck is giving players a chance to take its first-person shooter A.V.A: Dog Tag for a spin this weekend. The game’s first beta test is up and running in Europe and North America.

During closed beta, players will have access to two modes: Annihilation or Demolition. The former is a classic team deathmatch while the latter pits two factions against each other with one needing to plant a bomb and the other attempting to diffuse it. More modes are in the works and expected to arrive in the coming months. Players can choose between three different classes, each with their own unique weapons and abilities.

Those interested in participating in the Closed Beta will need to head to the A.V.A: Dog Tag site. You’ll want to hurry, as the test period is set to come to an end on September 18. And, as is customary these days, Red Duck has put together a Discord channel for...
Fight For The Lich King in the Hearthstone Days of the Frozen Throne Event
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Death Knights are coming to give Hearthstone players a chance to fight for The Lich King and the Frozen Throne in the Days of the Frozen throne event. The event will run from September 19th to September 23rd and will feature a limited-time Tavern Brawl where both participants will face off as Death Knights armed with a Knights of the Frozen Throne deck.

“Prove which of my Death Knights reigns supreme in this chilling Tavern Brawl! You and your opponent will both skip tedious mortality and begin the match as a Death Knight! Each deck also comes appropriately armed with Knights of the Frozen Throne cards.”
Players who login during the event will also receive a Happy Ghoul card and a chance to earn 600 gold by completing a series of special quests. The Bundle Up Bundle will also be available in the cash shop. The bundle contains 30 Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs which you can purchase at a special price.

Head over to the...
Find Out What's Coming to Elder Scrolls Online When the Murkmire DLC Goes Live
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Journey to the land of the Argonians and explore their swampy abode in the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online Murkmire DLC. ZeniMax writes about what’s in store for players when the expansion goes live in a recent dev blog.

“This new DLC game pack brings an entire new zone to explore, a new main quest line to experience, a challenging new group arena to conquer, and more. Update 20 will arrive alongside the new DLC game pack and will bring big changes to Cyrodiil, new Music Box furnishings, and a series of Home Editor improvements and balance changes.”
The upcoming expansion will open the doors of the Black Marsh to brave adventurers. “As you venture into this new world, you’ll navigate through knee-deep swamps and dense, living jungles, encountering incredible stilt houses, long-forgotten temples, and crumbling Imperial ruins,” says ZeniMax. Players will get to learn more about Argonian culture and their relationship with the sacred Hist trees...