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Jon Shafer's At the Gates - Gameplay Walkthrough

It's been a while since I last played the 4X game. And At the Gates is one such game in case if you are missing the 4X games. Here the objective is to capture as much land as possible and fight your way towards the roman defeat. This is the only way to win the game. And it can be pretty boring once you reach that objective. Then things keep on moving same over and over. But it can be fun if you are playing it for first time.

Check out the walkthrough.


My Time At Portia Gameplay

There are many slow games in the PC gaming. And My Time At Portia is one such game. It makes you take a lot of decisions and slow you down in the due process. The gameplay definitely be compared with the Sims and similar other simulation games like life etc. The game is pretty much slow and has moving objectives. So i'd recommend for those who have some patience. Check out the walkthrough.


Slay the Spire - Walkthrough Gameplay Guide

I am sure you have played card games in past with titles such as Yugi oh and others. The card game battles keep on coming with different titles lately on PC and android. And it can get pretty fun to try out new concepts. This game named slay the spire is also on the same line of game play. And it is definitely effective for those who are into card games and the battle type of approach. Here's the walk-through for you to check out.


Thimbleweed Park Gameplay

There are many point and click strategy adventure type games out there. This premium game named is one such game that can be definitely going to keep you hooked to the phone. The game is not free but premium and has a price which I am kind of struggling to justify. But it's upto you to see if that price is justifiable. It is the game where you are supposed to solve a murder mystery. Check out the game walkthrough.


Homo Machina - Full Gameplay Walkthrough Guide

If your body is like machie, how it'd operate? Homo machina assumes that and here you get the staff inside the human body as machine. And you get to manage various functions of the body. And that means you get to handle various option for the machines and get to operate as a staff leader. It seems like a good concept. Like playing few hours worth of the gameplay of the game.

Check out the walkthrough.


The Room: Old Sins - Full Game Walkthrough

There are many platformer games that have mystery and the puzzle system in it. And the gameplay becomes interesting if you learn how to solve those puzzles. It can be pretty interesting to note how such games can have an impact on the mind. The room is one such game where you have to find the clues and reach to the end of the game. It can be interesting to tackle out the challenges. Check out the walkthrough of the game.


Reigns: Her Majesty Gameplay

Ever thought about ruling the kingdom as a queen? If yes, then this is the game for you. It is definitely not my taste. I honestly didn't find much value out of such games. But some people who are into female lead games, they find such games interesting. I do noticed that such games can be fun to play if you are into such action. It can be pretty effective on the gaming experience. So here is one walkthrough for you to check out.


Crashlands Gameplay

The game has premise that you crash land onto a planet. And here you have to create a base and defeat the enemies trying to attack you. The end goal is to escape from the planet and survive in between. The gameplay definitely keeps you active. And it can be seen as one of those fantasy adventure action games out there. I'd say that this game makes you look fresh at some new mobile games. Check out the walkthrough to see how the game works.


Oakwood Gameplay

Jurassic park is not the only game that went through the story of park gone wrong. Here the oakwood is one such game. Where the normal park has one secret lab where the dinosaurs were created and they went wrong. And the user starts with the simple navigation around the woods but ends up getting killed by dinosaurus who are out the lab. Here's the walkthrough to show you that.


Inside by Playdead - Gameplay Walkthrough

If you like platform thriller puzzles then you are going to love inside game. It's same as the little nightmares but the scenario and story is lot different. And also you have lot different problems to solve. I have learned that it can be pretty difficult to some levels to survive. But you have to learn from watching other walkthrough videos. If you are into platform puzzles then check this game out. Here's the walkthrough to show you one example.


Spirits - An Android Game Trailer

If you are into solving the puzzle and the physics specific hurdles. Then you will definitely enjoy the spirits game. This game has simple system where you have to rescue the spirit from the hurdles. And that should take you to another level. The game has a lot of difficulties. So it can be effective to think before you do anything with the options available. Check out the game trailer and see if you like this game.


Lara Croft Go - iOS/Android Walkthrough Gameplay

I am not sure how many of you are fan of the strong female character game. I found those games pretty boring and also not worth my time. But some of my friends do play that. And they tend to like the new lara croft go game. You can see that some of the time such games can be fun with modern mobile specific feel with 2D blended graphics. You may want to check out the example.


The Cave - Gameplay Walkthrough

If you have played the monkey island game on Android. I am sure you have noticed the The Cave as well. Because that game is also from the same makers. And here you have lot of grand adventure to follow. Interesting graphics and levels. And some of the really good things being shown as part of the game journey. Cave is more into puzzle platformer than pure adventure. You can take a look at the walkthrough.


Word Domination - Tournament Gameplay

Have you ever played scrabble? If yes, then I am sure you are going to love this game. This is very simple game where you have to play the scrabble in short time. And you can get pretty much started with the word assembly. The game also allows you to compete with friends. And you can slowly start your way to the top. I found the game to be interesting and lot of levels worth learning new words. Check out the example.


Realm Defense - Tournament Gameplay

I already mentioned about this game in another thread. This is tower defense game. And it has around 6 worlds so far to explore. And they have daily tournament that you can check out. It seems like simple game but it gets difficult and also gets addictive. You may notice that some of the hero system and also the tower are much more unique in it. So it's worth checking out. Here's the example of the game.


Recommendations for turn-based fantasy mobile games?

I've been playing Fate: Grand Order, Fire Emblem: Heroes, and Onmyoji for quite some time now, and as much as I enjoy them, they're starting to go stale for me. Would anyone happen to have any recommendations for a relatively new turn-based fantasy game on mobile? I don't mind if they have gatcha aspects and whatnot. Something aesthetically pleasing or unique art-wise would be a definite plus.

Ghost of Tsushima Gameplay Trailer Looks Amazing!

If you are a fan of Assasins Creed, The Witcher, Dark Souls e.t.c you will love this game. Check out the trailer below.

The graphics, the music, the sound effects, the combat style, the character design .. it's all just too good. I can't wait to try this out :love:

Dragon Age The Dread Wolf Rises - What do you think?

I've been following the Dragon Age ever since I got into it back when Dragon Age II was released, and I've since mostly completed the franchise, including the DLCs. The news of the next installment being teased brought about a mixed bag of reactions. On one hand, I likely have nostalgia goggles and love the lore, on the other, I've been hearing quite a bit of negative remarks about it already.

What do you think about the rumors surrounding Dread Wolf Rises?

Anyone getting Sunless Skies on PC?

Sunless Skies is something of a follow-up to Sunless Seas, which was based on the Fallen London universe that was established in a web-browser game of the same name. I'm fond of the gothic steampunk setting, and I've been hearing mostly positive reviews from people who have started playing it.

Has anyone else heard of this game, and are you thinking of buying it?

Shadow Gaming - A cloud gaming service

Anyone one else tried the shadow cloud pc thing yet? i've had it for about a month after i fried my gaming pc and didn't have the money to build another one at the drop of a hat so I thought I would give it a try just as a stop gap mainly so I could carry on playing a couple of multiplayer games like lol that I play with groups and if it could handle that I would have been happy. But oh man is insane when you run like brand new games at high-ultra settings on a beat up old laptop.

It does...