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Both are great games. But they're great for different reasons. Bioshock tells a fantastic story in a clever way and it's very, very immersive. It looks great and, while it certainly isn't revolutionary in gameplay, it's not lacking there either. It's...
  • Nova
    • When you are comparing the story, I'd say that bioshock is lot better in terms of the story. And the half life on the other...
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One of my favorite advantages of computer games (I would like to emphasize on well selected, reasonably balanced, morally tested and goal-oriented) as some researchers have discovered is the improvement of cognitive skills. As these are part and parcel of...
  • Nova
    • I think people who tend to play video games are good at taking decisions. And based on their performance in the video game, it...
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Well, I know it depends on a variety of reasons, tastes, and preferences. I don’t know about you, but which of these two do you prefer to enjoy most, private or communal gaming and why?
  • Nova
    • I think some games need to be played solo or say private. However some games like say that PUBG and the Fortnite needs to play...
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We all have our favorite games that drove us to purchasing a particular gaming console. Now, my question is what game pushed you into buying Playstation 4 console? Mine happens to be Final Fantasy games.
  • Nova
    • I think GTA has huge fan base and people if find new game coming, they would be surely buying them. GTA is sort of like cult...
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My Xiaomi's Note 4 phone has 3GB RAM. And for me that can be pretty good example of the phone working out for the gaming. I hope that in near future I may have to try those 4GB RAM phone. I think most of the games can handle that. I dont think we need more...
  • Nova
    • Samasung S8 is definitely higher end phone compared to any other in market. And it is also expensive. Like say OnePlus 6T etc...
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Well, I grew up in the countryside (Two different regions). Most of our games in school or at home were all natural. Climbing trees, run and tap, throwing the javelin, picking wild fruits from extremely tall trees, hunting birds, sliding barefooted on...
  • L
    • Yeah, things really have changed but I really enjoy both. We have much more options and much more entertainment to look to so...
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There are real stats that show that some people go for gaming simply to escape from the real world. I’d rather we be open and honest with ourselves. Humanly speaking, very few people want to admit that they have challenges or issues bothering them and so...
  • Bergstein
    • I understand your concerns, as there are many documented cases of people losing themselves in gaming, however fortunately I am...
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Let us say play station 5 is about to get released what are the new features that you want or expect to be added to this product?
  • Nova
    • No specific date is being mentioned. So no idea how you are saying that it is about to be released. There are no mainstream...
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Playstation 4 console has been awesome so far but one thing that is very common with these companies is that they are always looking forward to ushering in a new product to make gamers spend more money. So, do you think that we would be seeing...
  • Nova
    • I think playstation 5 is definitely going to come. But it may not be this year from what I have heard. I think they may come...
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Many games these days are free. But they have in app purchase option inside the game. And they make the most of the money through the in app purchase system. it can be pretty bad for some of those games to try out on the each purchase. I try to limit my...
  • Nova
    • Yes it definitely keeps you in edge compared to those who are doing the F2P. And it is one reason I tend to prefer the android...
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Just like little nightmares and Inside, there is one more game which is worth playing. Here the character in limbo has to keep on moving to find the way out. There are lot of achievements to process in between. And there are some really good opponents to...
  • Nova
    • I am not the one playing. This is from youtube. Some other guy playing it. My gameplay would be pretty damaged and not that...
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There are many puzzle type games. And this happy glass which has total 40 levels. it can get pretty difficult to play such type of games. I have played this game and it's pretty fun to pass the time. And it can get things pretty interesting in terms of the...
  • Nova
    • Yes challenges get difficult as you move to next level. Few of the initial challenges are extremely simple. And you can...
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Is anyone else as excited as I am about the release of Trials Rising tomorrow, Feb 26th 2019?! :love:(y):giggle:
There is a new game out there and you may find it exciting if you are into this genre. Though I must admit I have to wait to see the gameplay before making my decision of whether to purchase or not. But in between here is the trailer that you should check out.
  • Alania
    • For some reason this trailer reminded me an awesome old game called Operation Desert. Any resemblance?
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Okay, first off I'll start by saying that the game is fun, but also very irritating. This in no way means that I'm going to give up on it. But things have been getting to me about it. I'll list those in a moment. Just so that everyone knows my difficulty...
Well, playing games online has been one of my most favourite hobby for a long time now. Whenever I get free time I prefer to spend it on playing games . In the past I used to play games on my desktop. Then after some years I started playing games on my...
  • nomad
    • Generally speaking, I do not play online games too much. Most of the games I play are offline games. When I play games, I play...
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Hi guys, I have this old PS3 console here in my dining room and yes I'm not playing it anymore and is planning to purchase a PS4. I'm having a hard time choosing which to buy a PS4 Slim which is less expensive but I do like PS4 Pro which has a much more...
Warhammer has new launches being released recently. There is one trailer came out for the dwarf slayer. It is pretty interesting trailer and if you are into the warhammer game for some time, this is something that may interest you.
What could be the best specs build for high end games like PUBG and Monster Hunt World game. I also using it for Video Editing. Can anybody help me to get some ideas .
  • Nova
    • I think 8GB RAM to 16GB RAM is perfect for the PC gaming. And it can be pretty effective on the gaming side. And 1TB pretty...
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Call of Cthulhu is basically that type of the game where you follow the visions of the cult. And then you get to explore where things go from there. Here a lot of psychological game is at play. So you may or may not like this type of the game. I'd...
  • Nova
    • It is the only one game, not sure what you mean by first one was better. Unless ofcourse if there is anything specific you are...
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