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Our Goal JoyFreak is an independent gaming forum with a goal to provide a space for gamers and industry professionals to chat about video games of all kinds. It's an all-inclusive forum where members of every gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation are accepted. Respect for...
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Hello everyone. Members can now earn promotional awards to become eligible for a free upgrade. You can do this by simply advertising our forum on various social media platforms and earning all the below awards in this list. We will choose the winners randomly every other...
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  • BigPete7978
    • Can't wait! Love the designs of your site. Great stuff as always. Clean, simple, and nothing over the top. Very efficient :)
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JoyFreak is constantly looking for good writers and offering opportunities for volunteers to join our writing team and share their knowledge with the community. As a writer for JoyFreak, you will benefit from the following: Gain experience as a writer Get credited for...
You can add JoyFreak to your iOS home screen by following the steps below. The benefits from a web app is easy and quick access to your favourite forum destination, from anywhere. This functionality is also available on Android devices and follows a similar process. Press...
  • EnvisionAppDesign
    • Right? There’s a tonne of potential in this way to market an app and bypass a lot of stuff!
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This week, I tried to reach out to people through various methods, in order to gain new members and build an alternative to Gaf and Era. Some members were interested, others were not for reasons I would like to address. 1. Is JoyFreak alt-right? No. JoyFreak doesn't support...
  • Aries
    • Not to worry. If in the future, we decide to make new registrations require a personal email then it won't affect current members anyway.
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