For a long time Valve has been partnering with HTC to make their VR headsets. But surprisingly on Friday, Valve has launched the official page for their VR headset "Valve Index". The device is entirely made by Valve and its release date is believed to be somewhere in May 2019.

We can see a couple of things in the image and also confirm some things from previous Valve VR headset leaks. The Valve Index seems to likely have only two (2) prominent wide-angle cameras which makes us to believe that it will have inside-out tracking, just as the Oculus Quest and other second-gen VR headsets, to allow players to move around and not to worry about external cameras or placing base stations.

It is packed with an adjustment slider, presumably for IPD (interpupillary distance) to be comfortable for people whose eyes are further apart than average or are set closer together. This feature is missing in the new Oculus Rift S VR headset but it is said that you can adjust your IPD in the software settings. There are still no other details as far of specifications, peripherals or if it is going to be a standalone headset or needs to be connected to a PC with high-end hardware.

So for everyone, it is clear now that the Valve's VR headset is real and we are hoping to get more information about it before it is available for purchasing. Valve is going to enter a huge marketplace, competing with Oculus planning to release their standalone Rift S and Quest headsets and HTC - Focus Plus, and also preparing to launch the new Vive Cosmos headset this year or the next.

Are you looking to get one of those VR headsets whenever they become purchasable? If you have any other headsets how do you feel the Valve Index compared to them?
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