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Take-Two putting pressure on Rockstar to release more games, more quickly

New rumours have been suggesting that Take-Two are putting the pressure on Rockstar Games to make more games more quickly – but also, make those games a little bit shorter.

It may seem like a long while ago since we saw a new Rockstar made game, and it sure has been awhile. It’s been seven years since they last made a game and it would appear that Take-Two are getting just a frustrated as fans are waiting for the next one.

Of course, you must consider that Grand Theft Auto 5 just happens to be one of the most successful video games ever and that must afford a certain amount of leeway, especially as the online content is still being updated on the regular.

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick implied as much back in June last year, when he said of future plans: ‘It’s possible that games may be a bit shorter than they were in certain instances.’

‘It’s possible that the ability to deliver content on an ongoing basis for a long time after an initial release of a hit would mean that perhaps that initial release wouldn’t be as long in terms of number of hours of gameplay as previously had been demanded in a world where that was all you were getting.’

Whilst the above wasn’t personally aimed at Rockstar but now Youtuber SWEGTA is claming that Rockstar are under pressure to return to their more frequent release schedule. You could take that to mean that smaller titles, such as Bully, could see a return sometime in the future. What I wouldn’t give for a Bully 2!

There’s still no clue as to if and when a GTA 6 might be released and with the next generation of consoles coming up it’s likely the current priority for Rockstar is simply creating a new version of GTA 5 for them. But the implication is that Take-Two as a whole will also be stepping up their release schedules, as despite being one of the biggest publishers around, and having another cash cow in NBA 2K, they release very few other games.
Martin Berisford
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