Stardew Valley finally arrives on Android

Stardew Valley, the relaxing farming role-playing game has finally arrived on the Google Play Store. The game, which first came out for PC in 2016 had previously only been available to mobile users on iOS after being released for both the Apple iPhone and iPad. The latest release means that the game is now available on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

Whilst many games differentiate their mobile ports from previously released versions, the developers of Stardew Valley have kept true to the core of the game, by essentially having the same game as its console version, except of course for the control changes.

For anywhere unaware, the basic premise with Stardew Valley is that you’ve inherited your grandfathers old farming plot and it’s your aim to begin your new life by living off the land and turning it into a thriving new home for yourself. But it’s not just a farming role-playing game, you will be able to settle down and start a family, become a member of the community by taking part in festivals, explore the map whilst encountering monsters and even just relax by going to one of the local fishing spots.

As with the previously released iOS version of the game, players can choose to import their existing Stardew Valley saves from the Windows version, although it does seem that the process is much easier with the Android version. Unfortunately, it does seem that bringing over a console save to Android is not possible at the moment.

How to import existing Stardew Valley save to Android?
Find the Stardew Valley save files folder on your PC. You will need to connect your Android smartphone to your PC using a USB cable. Browse to the internal shared storage and Stardew Valley folder. You will then need to move over the save folder from your PC to the save folder on your Android device.

Make sure to copy the entire save folder and not just an individual XML file. Additionally, make sure that you have a previous save file on the Android version as the save folder won’t be created/appear if not.

If you encounter any problems or issues regarding importing your existing save to the Android version, you will be able to find solutions to common issues on the Wiki section found here.

The Android port is currently available for £7.99 (or $7.99), a saving of around £4 from the console version of the game, although this is expected due to the screen size and controller differences. And gamers can rest assured that this will be the only price they pay due to the lack of microtransactions in the game, making it the perfect game to relax and unwind to. Furthermore, it’s no surprise to see that the game was the winner of a Golden Joysticks Breakthrough Award.

Will you be spending your free time turning Stardew Valley into the perfect village? Have you played any of the other versions on PC or console?
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