Sony is taking a step to limit sexual content in their Playstation games by putting standards in place for their new games, though no specifics have been provided by the Sony team.

According to a Sony spokeswoman, the limitations are being set in place "so that creators can offer well-balanced content on the platform" and so that their games do "not inhibit the sound growth and development" of young people. In addition to this, Sony has set down these guidelines for other reasons- namely the rise of the #MeToo movement and to avoid any legal action in America.

According to an unnamed Sony representative, Sony wants to avoid being associated with gaming content that displays women in an objectifying and demeaning manner.

Furthermore, Sony does not want to find themselves in legal trouble in the United States. As an American representative for the company has said, “Sony is concerned the company could become a target of legal and social action." One of Sony's main concerns when it comes to this point is the reach of popular streaming sites such as Twitch and Youtube and the visibility they provide. In Japan, Sony studios are much more willing to produce risqué games that display women in a sexual manner. There are even titles in Japan that feature nude animated characters, some of which look underage, and that could cost Sony if these titles caught the eye of an American official.

It will be interesting to see how this change effects Sony. It will most likely boost their public image, but it could also drive developers, designers, and even gamers to other platforms that are much more lenient when it comes to sexual content in their games.

What do you think about this? Are you on board with Sony's actions? Do you agree that Sony could be effected financially or do you think they will still be a gaming superpower despite this?