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Sony announces State of Play, a brand new video program for PlayStation

Sony has announced a brand new video programme called State of Play, with the first episode arriving in just a few days, on the 25th of March 2019.

If this sounds familiar to you, it’s because Nintendo currently offers something extremely familiar right now called Nintendo Directs which has proved extremely popular with gamers for helping them keep up-to-date with new and upcoming games. Sony & Microsoft have previously refused to go down this route, instead relying on less frequent events like E3, although it looks to be changing with Sony making the first move.

With Sony having confirmed that they won’t be at E3 this year, it seems fans won’t be left too disappointed with this decision after the arrival of State of Play.

The first episode, set to be released in just a few days, will showcase “upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR software including new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage”.

Gamers can choose to watch the programme live on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, with the video also being released afterwards for on-demand watching after the episode finishes.

Sony has also promised that new episodes for State of Play will be released throughout the year which will include even more news, updates & announcements which will surely keep fans entertained throughout the year instead of having to wait for yearly events.

Will you be watching the State of Play episode live? Or do you prefer updates & announcements at events like E3?
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This looks awesome and way to go Sony! I will actually give this a try. I been an Xbox user for a long time, but I always enjoyed Sony products too. I am looking forward to testing out these new waters. Thanks for this share
State of play is a good way for PS4 to drip feed news clips and gameplay, also it can help build hype for games over time
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