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Rockstar to prevent griefing in next Red Dead Online update

Rockstar has slowly been updating and adding new functions to Red Dead Online Beta over the past few weeks, but players have constantly complained about griefing in the game which hasn’t been resolved properly yet. But with the upcoming update, Rockstar will be making significant changes to the game to solve the griefing problems that many cowboys have been experiencing.

The update planned to arrive later this spring will bring a number of large changes to Red Dead Online.

The biggest change of all will be the addition of the new Hostility System. This will help players to defend themselves without the need to worry about receiving a bounty or having their hostility rating increased if they are attacked first by another player. This was a major complaint previously as both the attacker and the defender would be marked as an enemy in-game and other players would not be punished for killing any players marked as an enemy.


However, your hostility rating will not increase for killing other players in free roam events, free roam missions, showdowns, races and other PvP events.

Additionally, Rockstar has acknowledged that not every player wants to be a gunslinger at all times, with many wanting to simply ride around, hunt and fish peacefully. To allow players to “coexist comfortably alongside other players in the world”, two playing styles will be added to the game – Offensive and Defensive. Similar to passive mode in GTA Online, defensive players will be free from being lassoed by other players and free from being locked on by other players. Additionally, defensive players will not deliver or receive critical hits. This will mean that if a player shoots a defensive player in the head, the defensive player will still survive and will be able to defend themselves without worrying about any penalties, due to the new Hostility system.

The update will also bring about new “A Land of Opportunities” missions where you will continue on your journey to help Jessica LeClerk seek revenge. A variety of free roam missions will also be added, including a range of new and familiar faces to provide you with the missions (including some from the story as Red Dead Online will be set in the years before the single player story).

Rockstar is also looking at making the online experience as close to the single player as possible with the introduction of dynamic events in-game whilst roaming around including ambushes, rescues and defending folks in need.

In the blog post on the Rockstar blog, the developer has also promised updates to the character creator, daily challenges and streaks for daily challenges although information on what these changes are and when they might arrive are yet to be confirmed.

Are you looking forward to the new changes in Red Dead Online Beta? Or do you think Rockstar still need to do more to improve the online experience?
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