On the 15th of June, 2019, a League of Legends tournament, presented by Red Bull, will be finding it's way to Montreal. Canada's best League of Legend gamers will be going toe-to-toe in 1v1 matches, and the overall winner will be sent to the World Finals in Brazil (which will take place in December 2019), all expenses covered.

Players will begin the one-night tournament in a round robin pool before being separated into three brackets based upon their skill level- beginner, amateur, and pro. Each bracket will have a different monetary reward depending on the initial pool. The gaming itself will be taking place on single lane Summoner’s Rift Map, allowing for quick, fast-moving games to keep the tournament going. According to Redbull, this map will also allow the tournament to be much more focused on player's skill.

But who will be allowed to play, you might be asking? Anyone!- that is, “anyone who thinks they can play." as per the tournament guidelines. If you can play and you are Canadian but still on the fence- the tournament is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to get the feel for professional tournaments but doesn't want to have to figure the logistics of forming and managing a team and is the perfect gateway to semi-professional and professional tournaments in the future.

Interested? Registration is $10 or $20 at the door, though players are encouraged to sign up on the official website.