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PS5 and Xbox Series X details revealed at CES

CES, the massive consumer electronics show which takes place every year, has revealed two lovely nuggets of information around the next generation offerings from Sony and Microsoft.

The first bit of news is that Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 5 has an official logo and, you guessed it, it’s put it on show for the first time during CES. The logo itself isn’t too dissimilar to the PlayStation 4 logo however so it’s nothing too drastic. At their CES press conference, Sony also revealed that the PS$ has now sold a very good 104 million units with it’s PS Plus service gathering up 38.8 million paid subscribers. Their virtual reality offering, the PSVR, has also been a reasonable success with more than five million units sold since its release back in 2016.

The second bit of news to come out of CEX is that maybe the new XBOX Series X will come with a fancy array of ports. It also may not come with any ports. The confusion is thanks in part to AMD who used their press conference to highlight their role as the chip maker for the XBOX X, with a video purporting to show a back and front view of the new console. HDMI and USB-C ports were clearly on show in the video but following reports of these ports, both AMD and Microsoft were quick to put out a statement.

“The Xbox Series X imagery used during the AMD CES press conference was not sourced from Microsoft and does not accurately represent the design or features of the upcoming console,” and that “They were taken from TurboSquid.com.”

TurboSquid is a marketplace for 3D render models which are often used by brands for promotional purposes. Shows how desperate we all are for information, hey?
Martin Berisford
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