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PlayStation 5 confirmed again with PS4 sales nearing the 100 million units mark

With the first details about the PlayStation 5 being revealed last week by the systems architect, Mark Cerny, Sony has now officially confirmed that there is indeed a next-generation console in development by the Japanese company. In their latest earnings report, Sony revealed that their gaming department has experienced an "increase in development expensed for the next generation console." This has further confirmed that there is indeed a next-generation console in development by Sony.


However, that's all that Sony has said on the subject and there appears to be no further details forthcoming at the current moment in time. However, we did manage to glean some details around the PlayStation 4 and it's performance in the worldwide market. Sony announced that it shipped 17.8 million PS4's during the last fiscal year - which whilst a drop from the 19 million it shifted during the last time period - means that Sony have managed to sell 96.8 million consoles worldwide since its release back in 2013.

The earnings report also confirms that Sony has 36.4 million paying PlayStation Plus subscribers., with the company's digital offering representing a good earner for the company. The PlayStation Plus revenue amounted to over $12.8 billion for the year, which is a new record for the company. Alongside this, the overall video game division of Sony saw a revenue of $20.9 billion during the last fiscal year. Whilst they saw a drop in the number of PlayStation 4's being sold, this was offset by the increase in people choosing to subscribe to the PlayStation Plus network and also actual sales of PlayStation 4 games.
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