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Nubia Red Magic 3 Review - The Budget Friendly Gaming Smartphone Powerhouse

Pros: For the money, this is a beast of a phone. The large screen provides plenty of real estate to play on and I really love the plethora of options to customise my gaming experience. From fan control, performance profiles and everything inbetween. A fab gaming phone!
Cons: Camera could be better, but I wasn't expecting much anyway so what I've got is good! A lack of NFC is also a bit of a pain with contactless payments but meh.
As a phone, overall it's completely usable as I would expect from an actual phone. But as a gaming phone? Dang, this is a step up. For someone like me who's looking to just start out in the gaming phone world, this is a fantastic model to kick off my journey with. Some things could be improved but then again, if you're buying this phone, you probably not wanting those things anyway!
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