Gaming phones seem to be cropping up everywhere, with brands like Black Shark and Nubia releasing their own gaming phones. Black Shark has already released their gaming phone for the year, and Nubia is close on their tail with a phone of their own about to be released (release is on the 28th of April). Their phone, the Nubia Red Magic 3, appeared at the League of Legends LPL Spring Championship which took place today. People were able to view the product a week before the planned release date.

Those who attended were able to see the back of the phone, and some took pictures to post online, and many mysteries surrounding the phone have been swept away with this development. The design seems to be similar (if not the same) to that of the Red Magic Mars- the single camera and fingerprint scanner both appear to be unchanged, but the Red Magic logo has been moved to rest between the camera and fingerprint scanner. Though the color variant in images are red, it is suspected that Nubia will provide other color options.

The Red Magic 3 will be powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor. It will have a 5000mAh battery and 12GB of RAM. It's been reported the phone's display will have a high refresh rate, presumably one of 120Hz as opposed to the average 60Hz many phones have, allowing for better gaming overall.