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Nintendo Switch out of stock across the UK

Wanting to buy yourself a new shiny Nintendo Switch? Bad luck buster. Three major retailers in the UK – GAME, Amazon and the official Nintendo store are all currently listing the Nintendo Switch as out of stock.

If you managed to get one for Christmas (or even treated yourself to one!) then you’re part of a lucky select few it would seem as the Switch has all but disappeared from most online shelves. The issue was first reported last week by Nintendo Life, with GAME speaking later to Trusted Reviews to confirm “there’s a market wide shortage at the moment.”

Anyone who wants to open up their wallet and buy a Switch will have to pre-order one for 24 January, which is when the gadget is due to be dispatched and back in stock.

Some have been linking the sudden shortage with the arrival of the new Pokémon games, Sword and Shield. The games are proving hugely popular, selling 6 million copies worldwide, which could have prompted a mass horde of gamers wanting to get their hands on a Switch.
Martin Berisford
Martin enjoys spending time keeping up to date with the latest gaming news from around the internet and settling in to a good night of playing games with his friends. You will see him posting some of the latest gaming news and rumours on JoyFreak.


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