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Nintendo removing two mobile games in Belgium due to loot box ban

Nintendo's Belgium subsidiary has today announced that they will be removing both Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes from Belgium in response to ongoing investigations in the country on in-game transactions and loot boxes with video game loot boxes declared illegal under Belgium gambling laws back.

The announcement came from a post on Twitter and via a statement on the Nintendo of Belgium website and said that the games will be removed from service and no longer available to download from August 27. Players who still hold Orbs and/or Leaf Tickets - both of which are the in-game currencies that can be purchased - can still spend them until that time. In addition, Nintendo also said that they will no longer be releasing any games that use a real-world cash/micro transaction model in this way in Belgium for the foreseeable future.

Nintendo isn't the only company to make changes to their games after the passing of this law in Belgium however. EA was forced to take FIFA Points offline in the country earlier this year and 2K Games also had to remove microtransactions from the latest version of their NBA 2K series.

Martin Berisford
Martin enjoys spending time keeping up to date with the latest gaming news from around the internet and settling in to a good night of playing games with his friends. You will see him posting some of the latest gaming news and rumours on JoyFreak.


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