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Nintendo confirm Super Mario Maker 2 release date - in time for the Nintendo Switch 2?

Nintendo have confirmed the release date for Super Mario Maker 2. The game will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch from the 28th June. Alongside this, several different bundles have been offered for those looking to get their hands on the game.


The different options include a special, limited edition release which comes bundled with 12 months membership to Nintendo Switch Online, connecting you to the online community in addition to a branded Nintendo Switch touch pen which will make its way to everyone who pre-orders the game. Nintendo's press release doesn't tell us much about the game itself but just like its predecessors, gamers will be able to design and play their dream Mario course.

However, the release date of the game could be a significant one. The date matches recent speculation that Nintendo are looking to release a new, cheaper version of the Switch which just so happens to be slated for release at around the same time. Could we be potentially looking at a launch game for the 'Switch 2' here? With E3 only around the corner, it's a matter of time until we find out!

You can watch the trailer for the game below, which shows us that you'll be able to start building your dream Super Mario course with all-new tools, features and items. One of the major selling points appears to be that for the first time, players can create slopes for the first time, with underwater assets from Super Mario 3D Land making its way to the game.

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