New Nintendo Switch model to launch in June, according to reports

For months there have been reports that Nintendo are looking to introduce a new, cheaper Nintendo Switch model into the market. A report in Bloomberg has finally informed us of a potential launch date for the new model: June 2019.

The report from Bloomberg comes after the publication spoke to two sources who are familiar with Nintendo’s plans. In the report, both sources confirm the existence of the new Switch model but they also claim that it will hit the markets sometime soon, more specifically, in June. This lines up nicely with the E3 2019 event and could be a potential launch event for the model.

This new model is set to enter the market at under the current $299/£279 price and according to reports from The Wall Street Journal back in March, the new console could cut features such as controller vibrations to save costs, but this hasn't been confirmed by Bloomberg's sources.


The image above shows what Redditors on the Nintendo Switch subreddit imagine the new 'Lite' version (Far right) of the console to look like. As we can see, the concepts note a smaller screen with less bezel and the controllers being built directly into the body of the console itself. This aligns itself with predictions that have noted the cheaper Switch model will come with the Joy-Cons built directly into the body, removing the "switch-ability" of the current model.

However, the report also brings bad news for Nintendo fans hoping for an improved and more powerful Nintendo Switch console. The sources note that there is no such model in production that has a significant increase in power but the current Nintendo Switch will receive a “modest upgrade” sometime this year. This upgrade doesn’t seem set to deliver a significant difference for current Switch users looking for PS4 Pro/XBOX One X style specifications but may potentially be looking at ensuring that the console becomes more VR-friendly.

The Switch has been predicted to help Nintendo pass Sony in terms of console sales during 2019 and Nintendo's own figures show what a powerhouse the console is. Nintendo reported that they had sold 32 million units of the console back as of December 2018. Maybe the newer Switch consoles will prove monumental for the company's objectives this year.
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