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New Ghost Recon reveal to happen this week - Ubisoft

It has been officially confirmed by Ubisoft that they will be revealing a brand new Ghost Recon later this week. This comes after a two-part teaser started making the rounds on Ghost Recon Wildlands which hinted (very strongly we may add) at a reveal of some kind on May 9th. Now, Ubisoft have gone ahead and confirmed that we will indeed be seeing something Ghost Recon related on that day.

The reveal page does carries the name of the Skell Technology company. It’s not clear if this plays a big part in the new game or if it’s just part of some in-world branding.

In any case, a livestream will be held on Thursday, May 9 at 7:30pm BST. You’ll be able to follow along on Twitch, and YouTube. We've popped the YouTube link below for you to sit down with your popcorn and watch this Thursday.

All these little hints and teases are pointing towards a whole new Ghost Recon game, not just something that is simply an addition to Wildlands. Given that Ubisoft tends to follow a predictable release schedule. If we assume that Watch Dogs 3 is the publisher’s big game coming out later this year, then that means the next Ghost Recon is its first major release in Q1 2020. This would see any new Ghost Recon game landing around March next year.
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