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New Call of Duty game has already been played - despite not being announced

We all know the score, it's another year and another Call of Duty game will eventually be making its way into your library somehow. 2019's addition to the Call of Duty franchise has yet to be announced but it seems that a select few athletes in America have already had the chance to try it out with images of the game being shared on their social media.

Several NFL and college football players appear to have been attending a private Activision event to test out the latest Call of Duty game and alongside sharing some snaps of the game, they may have also revealed the name.

The private event reportedly took place in Nashville, Tennessee which happens to be the same place where this years NFL draft will be taking place, which could explain why NFL players are getting sneak peeks at the game.

In a clip uploaded to YouTube, originally taken from one of the players Instagrams, the words "Modern Warfare 4" can be heard alongside "Killstreaks". This has lead many people to believe that the next Call of Duty game may indeed be the long-awaited Modern Warfare 4. In addition to the studio behind the original Modern Warfare trilogy taking it's turn to develop this years Call of Duty, it's looking ever more likely that the next game may indeed be the next in the Modern Warfare series.

At the time of writing, there has been no official of Modern Warfare 4 becoming the latest game in the franchise. The only details that are known about 2019's Call of Duty is that it will have a “an entirely new campaign, a huge and expansive multiplayer world, and some fun co-op gameplay,". These words came straight from the mouth of Activisions President, Rob Kostich back in February.
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