Metro Exodus to break free of Epic's handcuffs

Metro Exodus, the latest in the Russian horror story franchise managed to kick up a bit of a fuss when it’s release on PC was made exclusive to Epic’s Game Store. Whilst the game will be making it’s debut on Steam sometime in February 2020, it is looking like another store will be getting the game before that.

Recently, a listing for the game showed up on the Windows Store Front, with a release date penned for Sunday 9th June, which perhaps coincidentally, is the day of Microsoft’s E3 conference.

This date could even point to the fact that Metro may find itself a part of the XBOX’s much heralded Game Pass service that will soon be making its way to PC. Microsoft said that they will be giving us some more on which publishers and games will be coming to that service at their E3 conference.

XBOX head Phil Spencer has said this to say about the Game Pass service, “As the creators of Windows, we have a unique responsibility to ensure we’re investing in experiences that benefit players everywhere, while respecting the PC community’s preference for an open, highly customizable platform. We’ve not always lived up to our aspiration of keeping gamers at the center of everything we do when it comes to the experience they’ve had on Windows.”

Whilst it’s not the Steam store, if you’re not a fan of Epic, Metro Exodus seems to be breaking free soon.
Martin Berisford
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