What the heck is Playdate and why the big fuss?

Playdate is a new handheld gaming device that could possibly be 2020 next big gaming lineup. The Playdate device has it's own unique design and simple old school functions, such as simple button controls to help you control on-screen characters. Surprisingly enough this handheld employs basic black-and-white graphics. Playdate however does have an interesting design, cool concepts, and the promise of truly unique gameplay experiences.

When will this be released?

Panic will release the Playdate in early 2020. The company said that it will make limited units available. So keep in mind first come first served. You can sign up to be notified about Playdate's launch on the company's website.

What will be the cost?

Panic said that the device will cost $149 at launch. That is a reasonable price for 2020's next big gaming beast!


Does this come with a handcrank?

Believe it or not Playdate has a built in handcrank. The handcrank powers the gameplay in the Playdate. You can flip it out from the side and rotate it to control on-screen characters. Based on how quickly you rotate the crank and the direction in which you crank it, the on-screen characters will respond accordingly. Talk about having some unique control. This will be very useful to us gamers, who need some coordination on our gameplay skills.

Who created Playdate?

A software developer called Panic created Playdate. Panic is best known for publishing the popular 2016 adventure game Firewatch. Panic has always wanted to build a hand held device and wala here is Playdate! Playdate will have 12 games made available to it around the time of launch. Panic said that some of the games "are short, some long, some are experimental, some traditional." Panic stated, "all are fun."

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