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Gears of War 5’s Release Date May Have Just Been Leaked

Gears of War 5 might just be ready to hit your consoles on September 10th. This is according to a reported leak on the official website of Taiwan’s game rating board. The latest installment in the Gears of War franchise has been confirmed for a 2019 launch previously although a specific date hasn’t been officially announced yet.

When looking at the website, the date has now been removed but luckily for us, the great people at Generacion Xbox managed to snag a screenshot of the entry on the Taiwanese website which shows the entry before it was edited. If this leaked release date is indeed accurate then is is likely that the new Gears of War game will fine itself confirmed at Microsoft’s upcoming E3 2019 conference in June this year.

Martin Berisford
Martin enjoys spending time keeping up to date with the latest gaming news from around the internet and settling in to a good night of playing games with his friends. You will see him posting some of the latest gaming news and rumours on JoyFreak.


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