EA to bring Apex Legends to Mobile Devices

Yesterday on the 7th May, EA confirmed in its Q4 earnings call that it was planning to bring the massively successful Apex Legends to mobile sometime in the near future. This followed on from a discussion of their plans regarding their partnerships with Tencent, Battlefield Firestorm Battle Royale and more.

During the earnings call, EA confirmed what we all probably already know, that Apex Legends was their fastest growing property. Who would’ve thought it? The massively popular battle royale game smashed all records when it came almost out of nowhere in February. 30% of all Apex players were also new to EA products as a whole, representing a nice new stream of potential customers for the company.

EA also said that they will be focusing on delivering new content throughout a “long term service” for the game. This ‘service’ will include a variety of things, including new Legends and more.

However, it’s not all singing and dancing for Apex, with the launch of Anthem not meeting expectations for EA, the company expected to gather more players than it actually did with the launch. However, since the launch, players have spent 150 million hours of game time on Apex. That’s ‘only’ about 17000 year’s. You know, small things.

The plans to bring Apex Legends to the Asian market could represent a massive benefit for the company with over 95% of gamers in China preferring to play on mobiles. EA’s partnership with Tencent could also prove quite lucrative as Tencent has already been at the forefront of other mobile-based Battle Royale games such as PUBG mobile.
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