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Blizzard Announces A Third 'Overwatch' Anniversary Event

Blizzard has announced a celebration for the third anniversary of Overwatch. The event will be centred on bringing back brawls and older skins in order to make the event attractive for those gamers who missed the chance to get their hands on some goodies originally but also try to attract in some newcomers.

Blizzard took to Twitter in order to invite literally anyone and everyone to their party. The event is set to last from May 21st until June 10th. From our friends at IGN, the whole celebration will include every past seasonal cosmetic but also feature some brand new skins, as well as dance emotes and sprays. In total, there are three skins and new dances for Ashe, Baptiste, and Wrecking Ball in the party mix. All of these can be obtained via Loot Boxes during the anniversary. Seasonal Arcade brawls are also making a comeback for the event, including the ones that Overwatch Archives - Storm Rising came with. These will be playable on a daily rotation.

If that isn't enough for you though, don't worry. This party doesn't stop at that. Everyone who participates in the event will be eligible to get one free Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, which is guaranteed to yield at least one Legendary item. Bonus, right? Every Overwatch player out there can join in the fun too, as the event is available across all the platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Blizzard is also holding a free trial for everyone between May 21 and 28.
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