AMD Boss says PS5 has some "Special Sauce"

The PlayStation 5 is coming sometime in the future to a store near you. While it hasn't been officially announced by Sony yet, we've seen system architect Mark Cerny beginning to talk about it.

One of the very first things we learned about the upcoming console is that it will feature an AMD chip. AMD CEO Lisa Su recently spoke about the company's partnership with Sony, noting thatthe chip will help power the PlayStation 5's "special sauce."

"We are so honoured and proud to be part of Sony's next-generation PlayStation," Su told CNBC. "This has been a really long-term partnership with them. We love gaming. We think gaming is a really good secular growth market. What we have done with Sony is really architect something for their application, for their special sauce. It's a great honor for us. We're really excited about what the next generation PlayStation will do. And happy to be a part of it."

AMD is also working with Google on their new streaming service and Su has also previously spoke about working with Microsoft on a new console. This may be one of the new Xbox consoles Microsoft has in development and we could see it make it's debut at E3 this year.
Martin Berisford
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